Saying No

Do you struggle saying no? Find yourself with a lot of things piling up on your plate, none of which are things you are actually excited about? Are you feeling burned out?

Saying no can be a really challenging skill for a lot of people. Maybe you think of yourself as a people pleaser; maybe you underestimate the energy and time of your various commitments until it is too late; maybe the thought of missing out on something is enough to keep you saying yes to everything. You might find yourself feeling guilty after saying no, or ruminating over how others are perceiving your response.

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Boundaries! I love, love, love working with clients on boundaries. Boundaries are a part of any relationship, and are at play all the time. We have talked about how the holidays can often be a good time to brush up on interpersonal skills, just because so many of us have a lot on the social calendar and may be spending extended time with people that we don’t see as often during the course of the year.

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