The Four Horsemen, Part I: Criticism and Contempt

On today’s blog, I’m going to be sharing some information related to Gottman Method Couples Therapy. I have previously focused on Emotionally-Focused Therapy in blogs related to couples therapy, as this is the approach that I have training in. The Gottman Method is another approach to couples therapy that is based in research, and I have started taking training courses in it. I love learning and exploring different way to conceptualize relationships so that I can support clients in the best way possible.

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Communication Skills: Validation

We’re going to go back to basics this month, and I’m going to cover a couple aspects of communication. These will be sweet and to the point, and hopefully a good reminder of basic skills that can support relationships.

I believe that validation is one of the most important skills to support any type of relationship. So often, we just need to be sure that another person understands where we are coming from.

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Saying No

Do you struggle saying no? Find yourself with a lot of things piling up on your plate, none of which are things you are actually excited about? Are you feeling burned out?

Saying no can be a really challenging skill for a lot of people. Maybe you think of yourself as a people pleaser; maybe you underestimate the energy and time of your various commitments until it is too late; maybe the thought of missing out on something is enough to keep you saying yes to everything. You might find yourself feeling guilty after saying no, or ruminating over how others are perceiving your response.

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