The problem with perfectionism is that [newsflash] perfection is unattainable. When you are bound to perfectionism as a means of coping with shame, you might find yourself avoiding enjoyable activities because of the fear that you will perform imperfectly and then be subject to the pain of shame. You may find yourself confined to the space of what is comfortable, familiar, or “easy”. Growth and change come from discomfort or trying something new. Feeling “stuck” can be a product of perfectionism keeping you from growth and change.

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year, all! I hope you have been enjoying this first week of 2019; I know it always takes me a bit to settle in after all the holiday excitement.

Are you a resolutions person? The start of a new year undoubtedly brings with it all the messages of “new year, new you”. A new beginning, change, or the idea of resolutions can bring up a lot of different feelings and thoughts; so, first things first- how do you feel about the new year? What sort of things come up for you as you think about the year ahead or the possibility of resolutions?

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Growth in the Face of Uncertainty

I read Mel Robbins' The 5 Second Rule earlier this year after hearing about it on a podcast. I love finding podcasts and books where I can learn how other people make sense of challenges and successes and this adventurous life, in general! Anyway, there was a line in the book that really stood out to me, and I wrote it down so that I could come back to it.

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