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Couples Therapy

Couples begin therapy for different reasons and with different goals in mind: clients may be looking to strengthen the connection within their relationship; reconnect with one another after a period of becoming distant; or navigate a period of turmoil and distress.

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is based in Attachment Theory, which posits that people need secure, meaningful connections to others, and that a lack of connection often leads to distress. I work with clients to identify and understand the cycles that have developed over the course of a relationship and that have created a barrier to a stable connection; many times these cycles have come to be defined by anger, distance, criticism, or withdrawal.

In sessions, I work with partners to slow down so that underlying needs can be identified and expressed in a way that brings partners closer and invites an understanding response. It is through identifying, understanding, and finally changing these cycles that we can cultivate a stronger bond and create a different way of experiencing the relationship.  

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